An Hour With An Angel 09/09 by InLight Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Hello people of the Earth and more particularly those stumbling over my blog as this is all very new to me also. I felt compelled to share what I am living through with others. Although I am not a channel or not in such a term (but I do believe that we all channel in our own particular way, call it intuition, gut feeling, your little inner voice etc. it doesn’t really matter), I still believe it important and helpful to pass on information I come across and also communicate the things I believe important and helpful to build a new compassionate and filled with love new Gaïa. She is the common denominator that is going to unite us as we are all pulled towards the need to help and protect her and develop an all newly based relationship with the one who is our nurturing Mother and to whom too much negativity has been spilled upon for so many centuries. It is time now to reverse our way of thinking towards rebuilding a new society that is in harmony with her.

So, as I was listening to An Hour with an Angel this morning with Sanat Kumara and there were many points leading to this change, I thought it would be a nice introduction to this blog. Enjoy and thank you to Linda Dillon, Graham Dweyea, Geoffrey West, Steve Beckow and of course Sanat Kumara.


An Hour With An Angel 09/09 by InLight Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.


About willowmoonhopes2012

I am a sister of the Brotherhood of Light which is lead by Jesus Senanda in this part of the Galaxy. I have had many lives and many incarnations on this planet and back again in order to help others and participate in the liberation of our dear Gaia and of ourselves from the hold of the fake world and of what is not reality.

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