The manuscript of survival – part 352

More words of wisdom here through Aisha North and yes, like many I have been feeling the surges of energies. My body is screaming at times and all sorts of more or less embarrassing sides effects are accompanying them making me feel at times 10 years older than I am (at least on a 3D kind of counting!). We are still hanging on! :-))

Much love and light to you all and thank you to Aisha and her dedication, enjoy:

The manuscript of survival – part 352.


About willowmoonhopes2012

I am a sister of the Brotherhood of Light which is lead by Jesus Senanda in this part of the Galaxy. I have had many lives and many incarnations on this planet and back again in order to help others and participate in the liberation of our dear Gaia and of ourselves from the hold of the fake world and of what is not reality.

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