Your purpose is Love, there is no other, that is what You are.

This is a beautiful message.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog # 240 for Saturday December 6th

As so many of you have issues of personal unworthiness and unacceptability I would like to address that – John, this channel, and I have been talking about it, because it has been an issue for him as well.

God, our divine Source, yes, F/M/G if you prefer, is pure and infinite LOVE.  BOUNDLESS LOVE!  There are no limits to God or to His Love for all sentient life, which He created within that Love for eternal joy.  Your separated state would have you believe otherwise because it is a proud egoic construct, and if you allow it to dissolve, as you are now doing most successfully, the ego will also be gone.

The ego is your separated self, an infinitesimal part of the real and eternal You, the You that you align with in moments of deep meditation or…

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About willowmoonhopes2012

I am a sister of the Brotherhood of Light which is lead by Jesus Senanda in this part of the Galaxy. I have had many lives and many incarnations on this planet and back again in order to help others and participate in the liberation of our dear Gaia and of ourselves from the hold of the fake world and of what is not reality.

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